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This is a site dedicated to Another Future, a DBZ fanfiction. It takes place in a world much like Trunk's future, but with the change of Tien living. It shows how Tien being saved changed everything. It follows the lives of warriors such as Trunks and Tien, major supporting characters like Bulma, and a whole cast of RPCs as they defend their fragile world against powerful enemies such as the androids, Cell, and others.

Please email me at to contact me. I don't mind you creating characters for AF. I love it. But if you want to make a pairing with an actual character from the show, please consult with me first. If you create a character just let me know about them. I am working on a fan fic that will be up with this as well as more episodes this means that I would truly appreciate this much respect.

This is the same as which is created by me. However I was having trouble with it due to people ignoring things like pairing people with cannon characters that were dead or never existed in this time line. And simply emailing me saying something like "I'm creating someone." and leave it at that then create like a million people. So I will be uploading the things here now. So as long as you can have the respect to do that for me then you are welcome to join and make friends and have fun. I will be clearing out the other one though.

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